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Law Enforcement Range Program at Handgunners, Inc.Firearms Qualification   


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We provide an indoor shooting & training facility that can accommodate your department.

Handgunners, Inc. was established on April 14, 1994 and has provided firearms qualification service for Law Enforcement since 1995.

View information concerning RANGE FEES, RANGE OPERATIONS , SAFETY and OSHA Air Quality Letter below.

Handgunners Inc. is capable of qualifying up to 10 officers per relay.  We have conducted five to six relays in one hour with all lanes running depending on the instructors for several years. 

Example: On February 18th 2008 we qualified a local department preforming their Annual Department Firearms Qualification.  Nine officers per relay were on the firing line.  We ran a total of twelve relays shooting day fire, night fire, shotgun day fire and shotgun night fire.  Range Qualification was completed in two hours.  We have been serving Law Enforcement in this manner since 1995.  We have strived to make improvements and maintain the highest level of safety and service, saving you and your department time in man hours and money. Any further questions that you may have or to get your officers scheduled for the range please give us a call or e mail Mike Hinshaw. 

RANGE FEES LAW ENFORCEMENT FIREARMS QUALIFICATION and PRACTICECOST:  Departments that currently perform their yearly firearms qualification here:

  • Day Fire Handgun $7.00
  • Night Fire Handgun $7.00
  • Shotgun $7.00
  • Day or Night Fire
  • Per officer.

Departments that currently DO NOT perform their yearly firearms qualification with us range fees are $10.00 per qualification relay per officer.  Qualification relays are priced at a 15 minute time interval. 

Any prospective agencies desiring to utilize our facility on a regular basis will be given the reduced rate after they complete their first complete departmental qualification.  The lower rate will be given if the department returns within one year. 

 If a single relay runs over 20 minutes we convert to $35.00 per hour rate per officer. 

CLASS ROOM USAGE:  $50.00 per hour.

PRIOR TO OR AFTER BUSINESS HOURS:  A minimum of five officers is required for before or after hours.  Less than five officers an additional $100.00 is added to the range fees.

SCHEDULING: All Law Enforcement Agencies must schedule the firearms qualifications at least one week in advance.   We ask that you have all officers arrive promptly on time.   

The mandatory Law Enforcement Safety Rules & Sign Up Sheet must be downloaded read and signed by your officers before your next visit.

Click here to download the LE Safety Rules and Sign Up Sheet.

NIGHT FIRE:   If shooting night fire during our regular business hours you may have to wait for a short time until we can get our customers finished on the firing line.  We intend to work and serve you and our range customers the best way we can.

DEPARTMENTAL RANGE PRACTICE PROGRAM:  Provide more firearms training for your officers. Handgunners maintains a training log showing each time the officer visits the range to practice.  We require your officers to sign in when they come in.  We invoice the Department every thirty days for this service.  We offer this service to your Department’s officers so they can have a time and place to practice while improving their firearms skills.  If the officer is involved in a shooting, this log can be used to show the department's effort in providing additional training.  Officers do not have to be supervised by your firearm instructor while on our range. When they arrive, they are required to read and sign our safety rules. This frees up having another officer or instructor tied up with this officer.  At the end of each month we total up the number of officers on the log sheet at $25.00 per visit.  We then send you a copy of the log sheet along with the invoice. 

REQUIREMENTS PRACTICE PROGRAM: Officers are required to produce their VALID Departmental Identification each visit.  Each officer is required to read and sign our range safety rules before they are permitted on the range. Targets, Ammo, Ear and Eye Protection not included by Handgunners. 

We do not furnish ear and eye protection.  We rent them or sell them.

COMBAT SHOOTING: Combat shooting or tactical shooting can be performed with moving targets under low light, no light or blue light conditions.  Good guy / bad guy targets can be placed down range, selected to come in or go away from the officer or either selected up stationary position. The officer is instructed to engage moving from target to target (already in motion).  A total of ten targets can be ran per relay, teaching the officer to utilize cover, identify target, directing fire to moving targets instead of a target standing still while under the stress of blue lights, siren and low light.

RANGE SAFETY: Each shooting station has a wall between each shooter. This wall inside contains a 4'x8' sheet of steel.  The benefit of having walls between each shooter if an accidental discharge from their weapon was to occur and the muzzle was accidentally pointed toward another officer or instructor, this could prevent serious injury or even death. Outdoor ranges have no protection between shooters.

Range Safety at Handgunners, Inc. - Burlington NC

Exterior range walls are concrete filled. This will contain fired rounds within the range.

Windows located in the wall separating the retail area from the firing range are bullet resistant and will withstand a .44 magnum fired point blank. An additional 1" of safety glass was added to the windows on the retail side.  The windows aid in the viewing of the firing line and can give a better overall view of the operation.

A bullet trap is located in the rear of the firing range containing all the fired rounds.

Ventilation system forces fresh air in from the outside blowing it across the shooters and down the range where it is exhausted in 2 different filtered exhaust ports down range.  Our range is cooled in the summer and heated in the winter.  View the OSHA Air quality letter below.

Lighting can be adjusted for night firing, overhead high and low beam head light simulation, and blue lights for night firing.

Tables and doors in shooting booths can be folded up, out, and locked into place. This will enable officers to shoot in the prone and kneeling positions.

Handgunners Inc. is approved by OSHA "see Ventilation Inspection OSHA Air Quality Letter below.



   OSHA Air Quality Letter
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Air Quality

Click on letter to view our OSHA Air Quality Letter.

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